We are proud to announce that SMF is offering ongoing group coaching services. This is an opportunity for parents to connect with each other under the guidance of an SM expert.


The group coaching is moderated personally by Dr. Bork and runs every Saturday.


A donation of US$10/session will go toward the operating cost to help run this nonprofit.


You’re welcome to join in any Saturday. For meeting time(s), please contact us by Wednesday to find out the time that works best for the majority (globally) that week.


******Note that due to technical difficulty, the session on Jan 28th has been canceled. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.********


Parents with children 5 and under: Sign up HERE

Parents with children ages 6-10: Sign up HERE

Parents with children above the age of 11: Sign up HERE

Selective Mutism Foundation 2nd Annual Conference


SMF is very excited to host the 2nd annual conference on

February 17th to 19th, 2023 in sunny Florida USA.

We are honored to be partnered with Joleen R. Fernald Pediatric Therapy Services and SMHELP to be our partners for this. This conference is unlike any others, because we are featuring researchers and practitioners who have personally impacted by SM! It’s about time to hear from SM experts who have truly been “in your shoes” to share what works, and what doesn’t!


Two ways to save on the registration cost:

1) If you’ve joined our nonprofit’s FB group, please contact us and you’ll receive a discount code for the registration.

2) If you have purchased the book Vocal please contact us with a photo of the book in your hand to receive a HUGE discount for the conference!

For more information please visit Selective Mutism Conference 2023 and (use the discount code) to register!

Selective Mutism Conference

We are proud to be an official sponsor and the co-coordinator for the first Selective Mutism Conference in Canada! Specifically, Selective Mutism Foundation will provide resources and training for the personnel who care for children with selective mutism (SM) during the conference!  Dr. Bork is very honored to be invited as the Keynote Speaker for this special event.

Please join in to raise awareness, share your experience with SM, and learn more about innovative research and treatment methodologies for SM.

The official website for the conference is Selective Mutism Conference 2022 (brocku.ca)