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Selective Mutism Foundation



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Our Mission

Raise awareness, to provide resources, and to recommend options for selective mutism related topics. Provide a common ground where people with SM from all over the world can network and support one another. Foster and generate resources for clinical and research funding opportunities

About Selective Mutism

Selective Mutism (SM) is best described as a phobia of being heard or seen speaking. People with SM are able to speak perfectly with individuals that they are comfortable, but are often unable to speak normally in other social settings.

Support SMF

If you’re interested in supporting the Selective Mutism Foundation’s mission to save one child’s voice at a time. Join us in increasing the awareness of Selective Mutism by telling your friends and family about SMF and connect with us on Instagram, LinkedIn, and facebook.

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Parents Often Have Questions Related to Selective Mutism
Frequently Asked Questions

Selective Mutism is

an under-researched, 

little known anxiety disorder that affect all ages.

SMF originated from a family in which all three children suffered from selective mutism. Due to a lack of awareness, no one was able to help these children while mother Poling Bork was desperately and helplessly watching her children suffer in silence.  With a sheer determination and a strong impulse to find a resolution, she embarked on a long, daunting, yet rewarding journey which resulted in the acquisition of the necessary knowledge to help her children overcome selective mutism.

What we do

SM Workshops | Fundraising Events | SM Reseach

  • Helped many children regain their voices
  • Provided parents with selective mutism related parenting strategies
  • Lead and conducted research and studies on selective mutism
  • Provided specific pedagogical approaches for educators who work with children with selective mutism
  • Provided sound advice to professionals including mental health agencies, Speech Language Pathologist, psychologists, pediatricians, and SM therapists on how to best address selective mutism
  • Advocated for SM victims of sexual violence
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